PUREGAS is a nationwide supplier of exchangeable industrial, food & beverage gas cylinders. The PUREGAS cylinder swap service is available at various locations throughout Australia.

Exchanging your cylinders is easy

PUREGAS removes all the complexities when it comes to your gas cylinder. Simply take your empty PUREGAS cylinder to anyone of nationwide distributors and swap it for a full one. No more waiting, no more time wasting!

Why should I use the PUREGAS cylinder swap service?
  • No rent
  • No contracts
  • No hidden charges
  • No fees
  • It’s fast
  • Nationwide distributors for convenient swapping
  • The cylinders are always in test date and comply with Australian Standards
  • You know it has been filled correctly and leak checked
  • Swap your cylinder at your local participating outlet
Top Quality Cylinders

PUREGAS cylinders adhere to Australian and International Standards.
Following these standards, governs the cylinders:

  • Method of manufacture
  • Materials used
  • Test pressure
  • Method of periodic inspection
  • Maximum permissible filled pressure

All our cylinders are safety checked and leak tested, so we can ensure that you’ll get a safe cylinder every time.