What will happen to the cylinder that I have purchased if I swap it?

Your cylinder becomes part of the swap system, and you take ownership of the new cylinder received.

Can I sell the cylinder if I no longer require it?

Yes, you own the cylinder, and you are free to sell it.

Do I have to have a cylinder to swap, or can I purchase one?

You can purchase a PUREGAS cylinder supplied by us to enter the swap system.

How do I become Distributor for PUREGAS products

Please contact us to discuss the opportunity of becoming a PUREGAS distributor

Can I swap any cylinder brand?

We can generally swap cylinders that are customer owned, but conditions may apply. Please check with us

I bought a small cylinder. Can I upgrade to a larger size?

Please contact your closest distributor to discuss upgrading to a larger size bottle to suit your needs.

I bought a cylinder. Where can I get my cylinder refilled?

Please contact us or your closest distributor to organise a refilled cylinder

How long are the cylinders safe to use?

As per Australian standards, most cylinders we supply must be tested every 10 years. The last test date is marked on the cylinder.

Who checks the cylinders are with test date?

All cylinders sent out by PUREGAS are checked to be within test date, and that they comply with Australian standards.

What happens if the test date runs out of a swap cylinder while I have it?

If the cylinder is out of test date and was supplied by us, we will swap it.

Will my existing regulator fit your cylinders?

PUREGAS cylinders, valves and connections are made to Australian standards for the specific gas, so provided your regulator is made to Australian standards it will fit our cylinders.