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Choosing Australian-owned Puregas gives you a distinct advantage because we go the extra mile to help and understand our customers. Guaranteeing top quality service, our gas supply is perfectly tailored to your business needs, from small customers to large demand – we can help and with a huge variety of different gasses available along with a convenient choice of how you receive your gas, you’ve never been in better hands.

Buy or rent your cylinders

Select from buying or renting your gas through Puregas and enjoy regular deliveries to match your business requirements.

Cylinder Hydrostatic testing
We can check and test gas cylinders. This ensures that your cylinders are leak-free, strong, functional, and always reliable so you can use your cylinders for up to ten years!

Additionally, we re-qualify gas cylinders regularly using a specialist proof pressure test (referred to as hydrostatic test). With Puregas, we keep your supply running, contact us here to find out more about cylinder hydrotesting.
Puregas Delivery
Buy or exchange your gas cylinder with ease through our seamless Puregas convenient delivery services. We make your gas supply a breeze whether you rent or buy with Puregas. Get your gas delivered or fill up your cylinder whenever you want!

Need a cylinder delivery schedule to match your business demands? No problem, just click here to get in touch and let us organise your gas delivery.
Puregas Fire Suppression Gas Refilling
It’s good to know that Puregas is a registered cylinder test station, additionally we’re Aussie-owned and Aussie approved. For the fire suppression market, we test high pressure cylinders, verify them so they’re suitable for use and we provide a stamp so they can be safely used for a good length of time, usually ten years (although this time-scale may vary depending on your type of cylinders and the industry you’re involved in).

We stock a huge range of cylinders in various sizes. We can also mix up to four components together to suit your exact needs.

We service the following industries:

  • Food
  • Fire Suppression
  • Military
  • Data Protection
  • Mining
  • & More

With all of the above gasses, the most popular being nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon.

Contact us here to find out more.

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