Rent with Puregas

Puregas has a comprehensive rental system. Currently, the Puregas rental system is available for customers in Victoria and is suited to those with high gas usage. It’s very clever and affordable too. This service will be rolled out to other areas of Australia in due course.

A Large Collection of Different Gasses

Puregas has a large range of gasses, in a variety of different cylinder sizes. We can even supply 12 packs!

Mig, Tig, Laser, Food, Beer & LPG Gas

Whether you need Mig or Tig welding – Puregas has you covered! We’ve got laser gas, food production and beer gas. Need LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas)? Yes, we’ve got that too so you’ve everything accounted for, whether it’s for your forklift, heating, cooking or BBQ needs. Isn’t that reassuring to know?

Outstanding Customer Service

Of course, being customer-focussed, we always put you first. We want you to enjoy complete satisfaction when you choose Puregas, and that includes our outstanding customer care. When you talk to us about your gas requirements, we’ll take time to understand exactly what you want and we’re available to advise you too, if necessary. You can expect a responsive, polite and friendly team and we guarantee fast, reliable delivery.