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Safe and High-Quality Gas Cylinders – Buy, Swap or Rent

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100% Australian owned and operated with an impeccable reputation, our gas cylinders meet the needs of customers across multiple industries and for domestic use.

With a comprehensive distribution network in Australia, when you buy gas cylinders and gas equipment from us, you can count on a safe, reliable supply of gas, wherever you’re located.


Gas Cylinders

Purchase a PUREGAS swap system cylinder and never pay rental again. Just pay for your refill gas!


Gas Cylinders

For high volume gas useage requirements, rent with PUREGAS and save money!

Why Choose PUREGAS?

Australia Wide

Delivery and
Collection Service

100% Australian
Owned and Operated

ISO 9001


Food and Hospitality

Business and Home

Industrial Gas Cylinders

Exceptional value, high-quality gas supply for the industrial sector. We offer outstanding customer service and technical support.

Food and Hospitality Industry

Reliable gas supply for the food and hospitality industry. We service bars, restaurants and café`s with a comprehensive distribution network staffed with local friendly experts.

LPG for Business and Home

We supply value-for-money gas cylinders and products without compromising safety, service, or quality for business and domestic use.

Gas Cylinders – For all Purposes

From customers with small to large demand, our gas cylinders are customizable to your business or personal needs. Our dedicated team are committed to providing exceptional customer service and technical support across a wide distrubtion network in Australia.

We are ISO9001 Certified and we place huge emphasis on safety, adhering to all Australian standards for all required areas of our operation.

Join our ever growing list of satisifed customers who buy/swap or rent our gas cylinders and save.

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Compressed industrial gases can be hazardous, for this reason please read the MSDS appliable


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