Safe, pure gas you can count on

About Puregas

Meet 100% Australian owned and operated Puregas, your all-Aussie supplier of compressed gases -making gas supply a breeze. With an experienced team who’ve been in the Gas industry for decades so we know what we’re doing! We are proud that we’ve grown so quickly, responding to demand in industrial gases and more recently, adding in food, beverage, and LPG (liquid petroleum gas).

Our research tells us that we fill more gas and provide better cylinders and equipment – testimony to our impeccable reputation. Recently, in response to demand for Puregas, we’ve opened a brand-new, modern cylinder filling plant & facility. This means we can now offer so many more exciting welding and beverage gas mixes to meet our customers’ needs.

No Compromise

Our service is designed to cater for businesses looking for a gas supplier who can offer value-for-money products without compromising safety, service, or quality. As well as that, at Puregas, we are fully committed to our customer service too. We’re ISO9001 Certified and we place huge emphasis on safety, following Australian standards for all required areas of our operation, so we’ve got you covered in every way. We want you to feel 100% confidence in our gas supply, to not have to think about it because we do all the thinking for you – and that’s why we have so many satisfied customers. We hope you’ll be our next!

There’s more too – with Puregas, we give our customers choice. You can either buy and swap or rent with us. Want to find out more? Read on…

Buy and Swap with Puregas

We service the whole of Australia, and we have a large distributor network for our Puregas Cylinder Swap system, keeping your gas supply going.
All you need to do is bring your empty gas cylinder to us and exchange it to a full one and you only pay for the gas.

Hidden Charges
Why Swap?

We introduced our Puregas Cylinder Swap System to save you excessive rental charges! Instead you buy your own cylinder and keep it – just fill it with gas when you need to. This system is best for those who don’t consume high volumes of gas.

Rent with Puregas

Our rental system is currently available to customers in Victoria who have high gas usage. We are planning to role this out to other areas of Australia soon. This is a great service for high volume gas users and gives you a clever rental option. It’s surprisingly competitively priced – find out more here and make savings when you rent with Puregas.

Why Rent?

Our national Cylinder Swap System is superb, but it is not for high-volume gas customers, so we knew we needed to examine a rental system. We also knew we wanted to create a value proposition for our customers, giving you the lowest rental rates possible for gas cylinders and gas. We’re currently only offering this in Victoria, but we will be gradually rolling this out in the near future.